Adib Residential Tower


Adib ResidentialTower

The overall objective of every project visually is creating balance, unity, and harmony between space elements considering the function. This can be seen in the design of Adib Green Tower spaces.

The goal of this design having an artistic structure is to form a human-based environment for the sense of peace along with aesthetic expression.

The basic principles of design in this project include details, interior and exterior elements, ornaments, landscape design and using water for perfect visual view and a relaxing space.

The initial concept of Adib Green Tower is retrieved from traditional Iranian architecture. This is done by meticulous and accurate selection of form and color in interior and exterior spaces. Moreover it is taken from traditional elements such as decorative Muqarnas. So a fluid form is created that provides various and unique landscapes for the users. The façade becomes an inseparable part of the interior and its foundation. In other words it is the outer edge of an interlocking structure. On the other hand separate designed units of the façade are the external appearance of residential units and they can create legibility.

The living space is very dynamic. The main objective of the interior design in this project is creating a bright, comfortable and relaxing space that inspires the sense of Iranian architecture authenticity while being modern.

A feature of the scheme is adherence to unity and harmony along with variation in color and lighting. In regard to the traditions, semi-open interior space recalls a modern expression of the traditional central courtyards that are the main organizers of the surrounding spaces. This would reflect the activity patterns of the past in addition to formic patterns.

In this project, kind of silence is chosen against city constructions in response to considerations like being up to date. It tries to keep away from this chaos and make peace for the user with special consideration of formalism and architectural space.

Façade design creates unity by using a simple combination of cubic forms. Materials including wood, stone and turquoise tile create the sense of Iranian house for residents; they can also make the façade dynamic, and various proportions and textures would lead to more coherence of the complex form. Rotations in plan and using organized openings and skylights cause a selective natural light penetration and improving the interior space.

مشخصات پروژهProject spec
نام پروژه / عملکرد : برج مسکونی ادیبProject Name : Adib Residential Building
شرکت / دفتر طراحی : مهندسین مشاور آتی زیستOffice / Company : Atizist Consulting Engineers
معماران اصلی : احسان مالکی – یکتا آفرینMain Architect : Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin
همکاران طراحی : لیلی بیجاری – حسن عابدیCollaborators : Leila Bijari, Hasan Abedi
طراحی و دکوراسیون داخلی : یکتا آفرینInterior Design : Yekta Afarin
نوع تأسیسات / نوع سازه : موتورخانه مرکزی + فن کویل / اسکلت فلزی (پیچ و مهره)Structure / Mechanical Structure : Central engine room + fan coil / metal skeletons (bolts)
آدرس پروژه : امیرنیا – افخمی – بهارستان دومLocation : End alley Baharestan 2, Afkhami Street, amirnia Street, Tehran
مساحت / زیر بنا : 12150 مترمربعArea : 12150
کارفرما : برزین ادیبClient : Barzin Adib
تاریخ شروع / تاریخ پایان ساخت : 1397 – درحال ساختDate : 2018 / Under Construction
عکاسی پروژه :  Photographer :
وبسایت / ایمیل شرکت : info@atizist.comWebsite / Email : –

Project implementation process

Project design process

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احسان مالکی
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یکتا آفرین
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حسن عابدی
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