Golzar Residential Tower


Golzar Residential Tower

This project is located in the area of araj and district 1 municipality on 1000m2 land.the area can be described as one of the few remaining legacies of the cities of Tehran.

However,in recent years,the region has undergone extensive changes due to the overwhelming influx of construction and many ofthese gardens have been destroyed,but fortunately this plot overlooks two preserved gardens in the area that provide a beautiful view of our building.one of the most important considerations in the design of this building is the indendence of space,pay attention to simplicity,creating privacy inside and out paying attention to the view through the large windows to invite nature in.

The idea of the facade design is derived from the combination of curved lines and rectangular surfaces and using two materials of white cement and dark metal sheets and nature that wrap around the building,the beautiful signdoard has been donated to the urban space.

According to preliminary studies on the area,the decision was made to design two types of plans with relatively large areas,and all spaces are arranged in such a way that it exhibits the free operation between spaces and its components.

مشخصات پروژهProject spec
نام پروژه / عملکرد : برج مسکونی گلزارProject Name : Golzar Tower Residential
شرکت / دفتر طراحی : مهندسین مشاور آتی زیستOffice / Company : Atizist Consulting Engineers
معماران اصلی : احسان مالکی – یکتا آفرینMain Architect : Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin
همکاران طراحی : حسن عابدی – نیلوفر تفضلیCollaborators : Hasan Abedi, Niloufar Tafazoli
طراحی و دکوراسیون داخلی : یکتا آفرینInterior Design : Yekta Afarin
نوع تأسیسات / نوع سازه : موتورخانه مرکزی + فن کویل – اسکلت بتنیStructure / Mechanical Structure : Central engine room + Fan coil + Concrete skeleton
آدرس پروژه :  تهرانگلزار – نبش لادن غربیLocation : Western Laden, Golzar Street, Tehran
مساحت / زیر بنا : 10000 مترمربعArea : 10000
کارفرما : محمدرضا حسینی راد – محمدرضا توسلیClient : Mohamadreza Hoseini Rad & Mohamadreza Tavasoli
تاریخ شروع / تاریخ پایان ساخت : 1397Date : 2018
عکاسی پروژه : گروه مستند سازی آتی زیستPhotographer : Atizist Consulting Engineers
وبسایت / ایمیل شرکت : www.atizist.com  ati_zist@yahoo.comWebsite / Email : www.atizist.com –   ati_zist@yahoo.com

Project implementation process

Project design process

Our partners in this project

احسان مالکی
طراح معمار

یکتا آفرین
طراح معمار

حسن عابدی
مدیر تهیۀ نقشه های فاز 2 داخلی

نیلوفر تفضلی
مدیر تهیۀ نقشه های فاز 2 معماری نما

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