Nahid Commercial office buildings

Nahid Commercial office buildings:

The administrative building in the urban landscape is changing to a recurrent concept no light getting through it. In the design of Venus administrative building, by considering the presence of users in their working place in most hours of the day, we have achieved a different quality.

Design of Venus administrative building evokes an environmental concept to the Observer. In this building, the connection of the internal core of the spaces to the exterior is easily possible. This environmentally conscious approach not only provides a healthy administrative space, but also creates a different concept of typical administrative buildings.

The unique design of this building is suitable for companies with flexible working spaces including a high qualify interior environment, and represents a new concept of a typical administrative building made of concrete and glass.

مشخصات پروژهProject spec
نام پروژه / عملکرد : ساختمان اداری – تجاری ناهیدProject Name : Nahid Commercial & Officials Building
شرکت / دفتر طراحی : مهندسین مشاور آتی زیستOffice / Company : Atizist Consulting Engineers
معماران اصلی : احسان مالکی – یکتا آفرینMain Architect : Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin
همکاران طراحی : یکتا آفرین – حسن عابدی – مهسا دباغCollaborators : Hasan Abedi, Mahsa Dabbaq
طراحی و دکوراسیون داخلی : یکتا آفرینInterior Design : Yekta Afarin
نوع تأسیسات / نوع سازه : موتورخانه مرکزی + فن کویل / اسکلت بتنیStructure / Mechanical Structure : Central engine room + fan coil / Concrete skeleton
آدرس پروژه : جردن – خیابان ناهید غربیLocation : End alley Western Nahid, Jordan Street, Tehran
مساحت / زیر بنا : 6000 مترمربعArea : 6000
کارفرما : آرش وحیدی و شرکاClient : Arash Vahidi & partners
تاریخ شروع / تاریخ پایان ساخت : 1395 / درحال ساختDate : 2016 / Under Construction
عکاسی پروژه : بخش مستندسازی آتی زیستPhotographer : Atizist
وبسایت / ایمیل شرکت : info@atizist.comWebsite / Email : –

Project implementation process

Project design process

Our partners in this project

احسان مالکی
طراح معمار

یکتا آفرین
طراح معمار

مهسا دباغ
تهیۀ نقشه های فاز 2 معماری

حسن عابدی
تهیۀ نقشه های ازبیلت (همچون ساخت)

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