thousand Heavens Residential Tower


Hezar Aseman (thousand Heavens):


The designer has two main objectives for creating sections on the facade:

  1. Creating open and roofed courtyards to improve the quality of living space
  2. Providing the same quality in different floors by creating varied and worthy sequences of life for users in all floors.

In the design process of this residential tower, some sections have been removed from the concept and these sections turn around all floors, which have led to various, and irregular plans as well as terraces of varying heights. Terraces of the Tower of the Hezar Aseman evoke the concept of high-rise buildings in the mind. The architect has provided a different perspective on urban living by creating vertical gardens and wide-spreading terraces on all levels of the building. Today, the design of high-rise buildings has become a duplicate style; even some of them with a terrace are rhythmic. But the plans of the residential Tower of Hezar Aseman were much more complicated, resulting in apartments with an area of ​​550-630 square meters with seductive terraces.

مشخصات پروژهProject spec
نام پروژه / عملکرد : برج مسکونی هزار آسمانProject Name : The Thousand Sky Residential Building
شرکت / دفتر طراحی : مهندسین مشاور آتی زیستOffice / Company : Atizist Consulting Engineers
معماران اصلی : احسان مالکی – یکتا آفرینMain Architect : Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin
همکاران طراحی : حسن عابدیCollaborators : Hasan Abedi
طراحی و دکوراسیون داخلی : Interior Design :
نوع تأسیسات / نوع سازه : موتورخانه مرکزی + فن کویل / فلزیStructure / Mechanical Structure : Central engine room + fan coil / metal skeletons
آدرس پروژه : زعفرانیه –  نیاز زادهLocation : Niaz Zadeh Street, Zaferanieh, Tehran
مساحت / زیر بنا : 14500 مترمربعArea : 14500
کارفرما : بخش خصوصیClient : Private sector
تاریخ شروع / تاریخ پایان ساخت : در حال طراحیDate : under design
عکاسی پروژه : Photographer :
وبسایت / ایمیل شرکت : info@atizist.comWebsite / Email : –

Project implementation process

Project design process

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احسان مالکی
معمار طراح

یکتا آفرین
معمار طراح

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