Za’feranieh Residential Tower


Za’feranieh Green Tower

Cubic form of façade separate units can be seen from the entrance to the end of the building and they invite the visitor.

Za’feranieh Green Tower is built in 1200 s.m. land having total building area of 7300 s.m.

Spatially explicit expression through the pure and architectural forms and also creation of spaces in relation to Iranian architecture are from the main strategies of the project.

The main objective of this artistic design is to create a favorable environment with positive effects and respect to nature and human while it considers the aesthetic principles.

The designer uses wood and frame-form terraces and also warm smooth colors to make a unique façade that is elegant and creates warm and safe home using natural textures details. In addition, the designer makes a single combination using wood and stone by applying the organic elements in facade like stone and wood.

The designer must observe the neighbors and use urban regulations and restrictions. So he divides the façade into little elements for the purpose of humanistic and proportional factor of Iranian architecture. As a result he achieves a new design of the façade elements.

The evolution of the design language is based on lines and form, integrity and transforming membranes by the light and lighting techniques aiming at sense of lightness in space.

Attention to some functional and sustainability factors for example the optimal amount of natural light into spaces, adequate ventilation and providing proper perspectives along with aesthetics and originality are the designer considerations. Thereby a pleasant place is created by the linkage between form and function.

Iranians believe in respecting nature so it is tried to make green space in various pedestrian landscapes and views. Using the nature elements and architectural compatible ones in façade design makes the residents a sense of being in nature in the breakfast nook.

The living space is designed with the aim of a bright, expansive and comfortable space; it is not boring while elegant. The features of the interior design are fluid lines in floors, walls and ceiling, similar color pattern in the spaces, and unity.

مشخصات پروژهProject spec
نام پروژه / عملکرد : برج مسکونی زعفرانیهProject Name : Za Feranieh Residential Building
شرکت / دفتر طراحی : مهندسین مشاور آتی زیستOffice / Company : Atizist Consulting Engineers
معماران اصلی : احسان مالکی – یکتا آفرینMain Architect : Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin
همکاران طراحی : لیلی بیجاری – شیما زهراییCollaborators : Leili Bijari – Shima Zahraee
طراحی و دکوراسیون داخلی : یکتا آفرینInterior Design : Yekta Afarin
نوع تأسیسات / نوع سازه : موتورخانه مرکزی + فن کویل – اسکلت فلزیStructure / Mechanical Structure : Central engine room + fan coil / Steel structure
آدرس پروژه تهران – زعفرانیهLocation : Zaferanieh,Tehran
مساحت / زیر بنا : 7600 مترمربعArea : 7600
کارفرما : رضا خلیلیClient : Hadi Mohamadi – Abolfazl Mohamadi
تاریخ شروع / تاریخ پایان ساخت : 1392-1394Date : 2013-2015
عکاسی پروژه : گروه مستندسازی آتی زیستPhotographer : Atizist Consulting Engineers
وبسایت / ایمیل شرکت :  ati_zist@yahoo.comWebsite / Email : –

Project implementation process

Project design process

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احسان مالکی
طراح معمار

یکتا آفرین
طراح معماری داخلی

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